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Air Mobile Ministries is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that does disaster relief all around the world. Since its inception in 1978, AMM has traveled around the world many times bringing medical supplies, food, clothing, and now the Vortex Voyager TM water purifier to those in need. Joe Hurston and his team of volunteers have worked to help disaster victims after hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and war. Since 2004, AMM has been heavily involved with bringing relief in the form of water purification. The Vortex Voyager TM water purifier is an amazing, life saving tool. At a mere 20 pounds, it can produce up to 30 gallons of pure water every hour. Mission Statement Air Mobile Ministries is a faith based evangelical group that provides disaster relief. Our mission is based upon the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:35 and 40: "I was thirsty and you gave me drink." "Assuredly, I say unto you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me."

Monday, January 29, 2007


January 29, 2007, Monday 9:20pm - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Joe Hurston

On Sunday afternoon, January 28, 2007, Ana called me about her dad, George Spee. George had fallen and had what may be serious internal injuries. The problem is that George is in Tarpom Bay, Eleuthera in the Bahama Islands. I know exactly where George lives. You see, over the years, George and his lovely wife, Jean have helped Air Mobile Ministries conduct Crusades all throughout the Bahamas. I have never worked with anyone that coordinates so well. George is a master tactician for Jesus! He has bailed me out of a thousand jams.

Now, I have an opportunity to rescue George. All day Sunday, I was in touch with Jean, his daughter Ana and the attending Doctor on Eleuthera. They do not have X-Ray and George needs an MRI. George was not doing well at all. We must fly him out, but can his body stand the shock of travel? The Doctor put him on in IV fluid drip and we waited and prayed to see if his body would bounce back enough for the flight. Last night, the Doctor called me and advised against a flight today (Monday). We prayed all day and by this afternoon, George was gaining enough strength to sit up. We all agreed it was time to get George out. So.....

Tomorrow morning, in just a little over 6 hours, I'll get up and drive down to Stuart, Florida and borrow my good friend's (Marlin Moudy - you can read about him in my book) Mooney 231, a very fast, turbo-charged airplane. If all goes well, we'll be back in Fort Pierce, Florida by 11:15am. Ana will meet us and rush him to the hospital. PLEASE remember George in your prayer. Pray that the flight go smoothly. Well, I'd better get to bed and get some sleep.

Thanks again for standing with us!!

Joe Hurston
President - Air Mobile Ministries


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