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Air Mobile Ministries is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that does disaster relief all around the world. Since its inception in 1978, AMM has traveled around the world many times bringing medical supplies, food, clothing, and now the Vortex Voyager TM water purifier to those in need. Joe Hurston and his team of volunteers have worked to help disaster victims after hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and war. Since 2004, AMM has been heavily involved with bringing relief in the form of water purification. The Vortex Voyager TM water purifier is an amazing, life saving tool. At a mere 20 pounds, it can produce up to 30 gallons of pure water every hour. Mission Statement Air Mobile Ministries is a faith based evangelical group that provides disaster relief. Our mission is based upon the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:35 and 40: "I was thirsty and you gave me drink." "Assuredly, I say unto you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me."

Monday, November 13, 2006


November 13, 2006 - Monday 6:37pm (U.S. Eastern Time) Titusville, FL - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - President - Air Mobile Ministries

It's good to be home! I find myself praying diligently for the earthquakes, typhoons, volcanoes, floods, wars etc. to stay cool for a while. In that way, I'll be able to stay home for a bit. Of course, we should always be praying in this way, yet we know that these things (disasters/wars) will occur. The reason I formed Air Mobile 28 years ago is to GO and GO RAPIDLY to such disasters. That's the time that people most need help and the Lord has put into our hearts to do this kind of ministry.

None the less, it's nice to be home! Hope the relative "natural calamity" peace lasts through the holidays. I remember being in Pakistan last year about this time. Even went back over Christmas. Actually went through an earthquake on Christmas Day 2005 in Pakistan.

The most important thing in our lives is to be where our Lord wants us when He wants us there. We certainly don't always meet that goal, but we must continue on forward with all our strength.

We, at Air Mobile are excited about a number of things. This week, I'll be speaking at my home church, New Life in Titusville, FL, pastored by my good friend, Larry Linkous. The title of my message: "RUN TO THE ROAR". It makes sense, same title / theme as our book that just came out. The essence of the message is DON'T RUN FROM THE ROAR, the lion runs much faster than you. Turn and face those "Lions" in our life knowing that our Lord Jesus is with us and in us and He's greater than the greatest attacks in our life.

This coming Sunday, I'll be in Baton Rouge speaking at another church named New Life pastored by David Ellis. Again, I'll be ministering the same message. It's a message that we all need. Don't back down from the "lions" in our lives. Face them knowing that our Lord will ever be with us!

On that same Sunday, a wonderful Concert will be conducted by a group of talented musicians who use their voice as their instruments - The Barber Shop Singers and the Sweet Adelines. The concert will be in Melbourne, Florida. The goal of this concert is to help Air Mobile raise $25,000 as an EMERGENCY DEPLOYMENT FUND!

These funds will purchase 10 Vortex Voyagers and provide airfare for a RAPID DEPLOYMENT TEAM to go anywhere on the face of the earth in a moments notice. In that way, we can be ready for the next disaster and get there RAPIDLY! Our mission is to bring life in the face of death.

There's a lot more going on and I'll share more later. God Bless and thanks for checking out AIR MOBILE JOE'S EDITORIAL.


Joe Hurston
President - Air Mobile

PS - Continue reading down for our latest mission report from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. It was a very cool mission. Joe


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