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Air Mobile Ministries is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that does disaster relief all around the world. Since its inception in 1978, AMM has traveled around the world many times bringing medical supplies, food, clothing, and now the Vortex Voyager TM water purifier to those in need. Joe Hurston and his team of volunteers have worked to help disaster victims after hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and war. Since 2004, AMM has been heavily involved with bringing relief in the form of water purification. The Vortex Voyager TM water purifier is an amazing, life saving tool. At a mere 20 pounds, it can produce up to 30 gallons of pure water every hour. Mission Statement Air Mobile Ministries is a faith based evangelical group that provides disaster relief. Our mission is based upon the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:35 and 40: "I was thirsty and you gave me drink." "Assuredly, I say unto you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me."

Thursday, October 19, 2006


October 19, 2006 - Thursday - 8:44pm (Vietnam Time) Ho Chih Minh City, Vietnam - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - President - Air Mobile Ministries

I am writing you from downtown Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. We landed here from Bangkok yesterday evening. Earlier yesterday, we flew from Chiang Rai (northern Thailand) to Bangkok. We have been on a whirl-wind mission. After arriving into Thailand 7 days ago, the Air Mobile team has not stopped moving. We have had no time for jet-lag, though it's roaring at us.

We just keep plodding forward, sometimes at a very rapid rate. Like day before yesterday, when we flew down the Mekong River in high speed power boats from the northern Laos border. That boat ride saved us about 7 additional hours of a grueling, dangerous drive through the mountains of Laos. These boats are real fast!

A couple of days ago, we deployed a Vortex Voyager in Muang Sing, Laos. The hospital administrator was just overjoyed. The staff knew full well what the Vortex Voyager would do for the health of their patients. Reach Out To Haiti funded this unit. Barbara Walker works with Air Mobile world-wide on this life-saving project. Cindy, my wife, and Barbara deployed units with Luka last year. It is so good to be able follow up on this work and expand it.

We were able to visit multiple Akha Tribes in the Northern Laos area. Luka, our Thai host and his team of young people demonstrated such grace and joy in all of the areas that we visited. The Akha people have an amazing story filled with tragedy, triumph and great challenges. The thing that was so touching on this particular outreach were the children. This photo of a little girl caring for her little sister really moved me.

There is much more that I would like to share, but for reasons of protecting the church in that region, I do not have the liberty. Suffice it to say, that we had the privilege of sharing great Grace and Joy!!

Afer spending another evening in the region, we were again on the road heading right to the China border. We actually stood on the line dividing Laos and China. We hope to go into China on our next journey into this region. The need for clean water is everywhere and we are so glad to be able to help with this need.

Dr. Steve Henley, who has been working in this region for a number of years found Luka. What a remarkable connection. Then Barbara Walker came to the region just after the tsumani in February 2005 and brought them a Vortex Voyager. Then last year, Barbara and Cindy came back to the region to follow up on the work. The more I get to know about Luka and his story, the more blessed I am and rejoice that our Lord has brought us together. I'd like to share just a bit of his story with you.

Back in 1962 Luka's Mom and Dad accepted Christ after a couple of missionaries visited their village. Soon, the villagers rejected them and they were forced to flee from Burma into Thailand. Luka was born in 1964. The church grew and many miracles happened. Then the missionaries were brutally murdered because of their faith. Their village was burned. Luka's mother and father stood firm! Now, their work has grown many times over and Luka leads this ministry. Again, there are so many details that I cannot share, but they are forever burned into my heart. We count it such a divine privilege to be able to work side by side with such powerful and committed Christians!

Dr. Henley flew into Vietnam yesterday and met us at the airport here in Ho Chi Minh City. Today, we deployed a Vortex Voyager at an orphanage / school in Ben Tre (about 3 hours southeast of Ho Chi Minh City). The director of the orphanage received the unit with tremendous joy and thanks! The health of the children will improve! Reach Out To Haiti and Barbara Walker wants to help these babies in Vietnam. Barbara knows how well the Vortex Voyagers have improved the health of the chilren in Ruuska Village in Haiti.

As always, YOUR PRAYER is so precious! Thank you for reading our report. Stay tuned.... and stay in touch!!


Joe Hurston
President - Air Mobile


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